Good service helps us and our country


So it was good to hear him say on National Day that many of us in the civil service are also giving the best of ourselves, because when a hard worker commends you it means your own efforts are being noticed and are worthwhile.

Another important point he made is that our contribution does make a positive impact on the development of our dear country and is helping to steer Seychelles in the new direction of greater prosperity we have chosen.

All the same, the President had some words of advice for us. He knows we hear people complaining about the service we give and said this should serve as a prompt for us to improve our output rather than take criticism personally.

Each one of us knows there is room for improvement in our work, and we should let our own conscience guide us to do better.

Fortunately for us, the Head of State knows clients can be difficult at times but, as he said, we should be equipped to face such situations.

He reported that our parents, brothers and sisters in the districts are saying our overall output falls below their expectations in many cases, which he said is a challenge.

If we as individuals promise ourselves that we will do better, we should also help our organisations to do better since our personal output alone cannot be enough.

If we are aware of aspects of our workplaces that are lagging behind, we should point them out and help our organisations improve without even waiting for the audit to be launched to identify weaknesses.

By giving good service we are not doing anybody but ourselves a favour because there are others who may not have the opportunities we have but are willing to do better than us.

We must remember nobody is indispensable, so we must seek to work amicably with our colleagues to give efficient and customer-friendly service in the spirit of coming together as Seychellois.

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