Joyful celebration of 16th National Day


Hosted by the National Day organising committee, with Designated Minister Danny Faure as chairman, the event was aired live on television and radio.
Platoons took part from the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces and the Seychelles Police with guest platoons from France and India, and also from the President’s Award Scheme, all led by parade commander Major Edwards Anacoura. Music was provided by the National Brass Band, led by bandmaster Jean Quatre.

Some of the platoons that took part in the parade

The event, which drew a large crowd to the Stad Linite, started with the arrival of the special guests and their security escorts. First was Commissioner of Police Ernest Quatre, followed by Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier Leopold Payet and Vice-President Joseph Belmont.

At that point the parade entered the stadium and took up its position, and shortly afterwards President Michel made his entrance.

He was escorted by his security detail, and this year those on motorcycles were riding the new consignment of seven state-of-the-art machines, a donation from the Moroccan government.

A number of special guests were present including former President France Albert Rene, the speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Herminie, the president of the Court of Appeal Francis MacGregor, ministers, the leader of government business and members of the National Assembly.

After the parade had taken a presidential salute, all stood while the national anthem was played.

The parade then moved past at a slow march, saluting the President before resuming its position on the field, after which Mr Michel addressed the nation.

The parade then marched past in quick time, again saluting the President.
Next on the programme was a cultural show, which saw the winners of the National Day song contest performing – with Patrick Joseph in first place singing his song Koste Seselwa. The other artists were Telcy, Elijah, Garry Florentine, Chicco, Simon Amade, Michelle Marengo, RJ group, John Wirtz, Rainbow and Clive Camille.

Despite the threat of rain, the show came to a successful end with the organisers expressing satisfaction at the turnout and extending their invitations for next year’s event.

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