Regatta to stay at Beau Vallon


Minister for National Development Jacquelin Dugasse said if the area at Beau Vallon earmarked for the public is used properly, it will be big enough to hold the Regatta activities.
He was answering a question in the National Assembly on Tuesday from elected member for Beau Vallon Colin Dyer, who wanted to know whether the government is negotiating with the Savoy Group, which now owns the land, to see if the event can continue there.
Mr Dugasse said the government has been discussing the issue with the Savoy Group since it recently submitted an investment project.
Taking into account the fact that this area of Beau Vallon is very popular with both tourists and local people, it has been agreed that all construction will be set back 25 metres from the high-water mark, leaving the space from Coral Strand Hotel up to the Al Mare restaurant as public domain.

Mr Dugasse said the authorities believe that if the space is used properly, it should be able to accommodate an activity that is held only once a year.

The government had previously proposed a site at Anse Royale for the annual event, but certain constraints had been brought up by the organisers.

Mr Dugasse also said a 3,000 square metre plot of land in the same area and earmarked for the Bazar Labrin, another popular tourism activity, could be used at the same time to hold the Regatta.

He said this area could also be used, in consultation with the Seychelles Tourism Board and other concerned partners, for other government or public activities when the need arises.

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