STB’s e-marketing section to play bigger role


The department is going to use several new techniques as part of its highly-integrated marketing strategies to ensure Seychelles receives maximum visibility on the destination website
The move has seen the department take on board the entire e-marketing of Seychelles as a tourism destination and change its name from destination management system to e-marketing.

The STB’s e-marketing team led by Ms Confait (centre)

This comes at an opportune time as the STB intends to put more emphasis on its brand – The Seychelles Islands…Another World – and develop e-marketing functions such as e-brochures, email or opt-in email marketing, banner advertising and search engine optimisation to make the website more interactive.

Changes towards a fully-fledged e-marketing department started with the change of to in 2007. The website now has three language sections – Italian, German and French – as well as English.

A new corporate website is also in development to integrate initiatives the STB will be introducing such as a centralised database of all its contacts, including the Seychelles Tourist Offices overseas and the Seychelles Smart online or e-learning programme.

The work of the e-marketing department was originally, to a large extent, based on data input to ensure that correct and updated information was sent out. However, as more people in the world get access to the internet, the department hopes to have a more global reach.

“Our website, through this new phase of development, will enable us to reach out to more people and access potential consumers from all over the world,” said Karen Confait, the manager of the e-marketing department.

Ms Confait said the website now enables potential visitors to plan their holidays to Seychelles more easily and at a lower cost.

A wide range of local hotels and tourism services are advertised on the website, as well as general information on the Seychelles destination.

Ms Confait explained that whereas traditional marketing is largely about getting a brand’s message out there, internet marketing can provide a more immediate impact, bringing greater benefits for Seychelles.

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