SOS Medical gives lifesaving equipment


In a short ceremony at Victoria hospital last Wednesday, he gave a Heartsave Pad to Health Services Agency (HSA) chief executive Marise Berlouis, one to the National Assembly and one to State House.

Mr Decis hands over a Heartsave Pad to Mrs Berlouis. Looking on is Ms Veronique Bresson, who accepted the device on behalf of the National Assembly

The Heartsave Pad is a device used to revive someone who has lost consciousness and who is not breathing due to heart failure. It can analyse the rhythm of the heart, as well as send electric shock waves to revive it, and can be operated by anyone who has had first aid/CPR training.

One device will be used by the HSA as a dummy for training, one will be kept at the National Assembly building and one at State House.

Similar lifesaving equipment is usually present in all such buildings in other countries. Since State House receives visiting dignitaries and heads of state, this equipment is a reassuring emergency device to have, the HSA said.

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