Central Bank withdraws some notes


The bank’s head of banking services division Christophe Edmond said the decision to removeMr Edmond shows genuine R50 banknotes with (right) and without the sailfish foils the notes from circulation follows complaints from people whose money has been rejected by merchants who thought the notes were fake.

He advised traders to accept the notes and surrender them to commercial banks or the Central Bank.

The notes with foils were introduced five years ago. All R500 notes already have the gold foils and do not need to be recalled, he said.

Mr Edmond reminded the public that there are some fake notes in circulation and said people should check genuine ones for a turtle watermark visible when a note is held against the light.

“Smaller printed pictures of turtles on either side of genuine notes should be aligned directly behind one another, and the notes should also have a security thread,” he said.

“The paper on which genuine notes are printed is also crisp,” added Mr Edmond, saying that more security features show under ultraviolet light.

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