Gymnastics: Tumbling series-Tight finish expected


Pictured performing on the floor, Duval leads the girls ‘A’ category

After finishing third in the first series, gymnast of the year Ryan Dubois rediscovered his techniques in the floor exercises to amass 9.4 points to add to his 8.3 on the tram, giving him 17.7 points, to force a tie in the overall ranking with Leeroy Pierre and Dereck Roucou on 100 points.

Roucou was first on the tram with 8.5 points, while Jean-Yves Stravens, who did not compete on Saturday, is fourth overall with 30 points.

In the girls ‘A’ category, Elvir Duval has a 20-point lead over runner-up Deera Charles after winning the tram with 7.5 points and the floor with 8.8 for a total of 16.3 to bring her tally to 120.
Charles registered 7.4 on the tram and 8.6 on the floor for 15.8 points.

The division’s two other gymnasts – June Joubert and Danielle Richardson – are locked on 70 points.

Murielle Corgate can win the girls ‘B’ division on Saturday if she gives another good display after finishing with 10.7 points – 5.3 on the tram and 5.4 on the floor. She has 120 points after also winning the first round.

With 100 points, runner-up Sara Bonté trails the leader by 20 points, while Kelly Tambara and Shamenda Boniface are third and fourth with 80 and 60 points.

Leeroy César won the floor exercise with 7.8 points and Danny Oreddy scored 8.1 on the tram as they battled for first place overall in the boys ‘B’ category.

César boasts 110 points to lead the category, while Oreddy is second with 100. Roger Confiance is third with 70 points and Laurent Morel fourth with 50.

In the absence of Baddy Marie, who dominated the first round, Adrian César dominated his only opponent, Andrew Jacques, with 12.8 points – 7.0 on the tram and 5.8 on the floor – to lead the boys’ novice category with 110 points.

Jacques is second with 90, Baddy Marie third with 60 and Julio Marie fourth with 30.

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