Central Bank division head to join private sector


Mr Benoiton is to join one of the leading global offshore legal, fiduciary and administration Mr Benoitonservice providers, Appleby Corporate Services (Seychelles) – part of the Appleby Group – as its managing director.

He started his career in aviation where he spent 22 years, eventually rising to the position of executive chairman and chief executive of Air Seychelles.

He was instrumental in setting up the Seychelles International Business Authority (Siba) in 1995 and spent 10 years there overseeing the progressive development of the offshore industry in Seychelles.

He then returned to aviation, where he played a key role in setting up the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority.

Mr Benoiton also played a similar role in setting up the Non-Bank Financial Services Authority, which later became the Securities and Financial Markets Division of the Central Bank.

During his public sector career Mr Benoiton has served on several company boards and had held the chairmanship of Nouvobanq and also Siba, where he is still chairman.

On behalf of the Central Bank, governor Pierre Laporte wishes Mr Benoiton success in his new endeavour.

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