Unity key to our progress, says President


The President made this appeal on the eve of the country’s 33rd Independence Day President Michelanniversary, to be celebrated on Monday.
In his message to the people of Seychelles on this auspicious occasion, the President is urging us to reflect on the success we have worked hard to achieve as a nation and the importance of preserving it.

“And for us to preserve our achievements, we must be united as a nation,” he said.
He also spoke of the need to redouble our efforts to bring our country forward, to work together and to shun gutter politics.
“It’s important that we put our nation and country first, that we put aside our differences and work together for the good of the country,” said Mr Michel.

He noted that during these past 33 years we have built a nation that is a source of pride for us and which the world looks on with respect, not only for what we have achieved but for what we represent through our contribution on the international scene.

“The world has a lot of respect for what we have achieved, but we cannot rest on our laurels,” he said.
“It is important that, with new challenges that are emerging in the world today, we move forward, and for us to do that we must be united and work together.

“Unity is strength, and it is through unity that we will move forward as a nation and a country. Division will destroy us.”
Meanwhile, SBC television will tomorrow night air its monthly programme En Moman Avek Prezidan, in which the Head of State speaks on issues of national importance.

Monday being the anniversary of our Independence Day, this month’s programme will focus on the theme of independence and its significance.

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