National Assembly forges closer links with China


The agreement was signed at the Sofitel Hotel in Henan during the recent visit to China by a delegation headed by the chairman of the assembly’s International Affairs Committee (IAC), Waven William.

Other members were Ginette Gamatis, Clifford Andre, Nicolas Préa and Shelda Comettant.
The vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial People’s Congress, Chu Yaping, signed the document on behalf of China.

The signing – done in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, benefit and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs – will boost the relationship and friendly exchanges within the framework of treaties between the two countries.
It will also set up a mechanism of friendly exchanges between the Henan congress and the IAC.

The two sides will carry out friendly visits to each other and exchange views on issues of common concern. They will also promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of economy, science and technology, culture and education.

During the visit the delegation met senior committee leaders, including the Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, Nan Zhenzhong, and the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zhai Jun, and exchanged views with them on bilateral and international issues.

During the talks, the Chinese side repeated China’s commitment to help developing countries, especially in Africa, but urged them to review the ways they are now managing their economies.

Both sides agreed on the need for a proper exchange of information, especially on issues related to the global financial crisis.

According to Mr William, the Chinese government has promised to continue helping Seychelles with its various projects, especially the new National Assembly building, now under construction.

Other areas of cooperation discussed were transport, education and also the various ways China can help Seychelles deal with issues related to climate change.

The delegation was in China at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress.

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