New bazaars to make Victoria more attractive


The front cover of the brochure which promotes all four bazaars that STB is organizing

After that first one on June 29, the Bazar Victoria – as it will be called from then on – will take place every Friday evening from 4pm to 9pm in the Independence Avenue and Waterfront area.

The STB already organises the weekly Bazar Labrin and the monthly Bazar Ovan. A new bazaar at the New Port to target cruise ship passengers arriving in Seychelles is also being planned.

At the Bazar Victoria, local stallholders will be selling a variety of goods ranging from arts and crafts to exotic culinary delicacies and drinks, to the accompaniment of local musicians in an atmosphere that is strictly Creole.

The public are being urged to come down and take part alongside visitors in a lively ambiance that is reflective of the Seychellois Creole way of life.

Businesses in town are also being invited to come on board and see how they can contribute to livening up Victoria at the end of the week.

The Portside bazaars, starting in August, will enable visitors to shop for souvenirs and local handicrafts and taste excellent Creole food. Local musicians will add to the ambiance with good music that will give visitors an insight into the typical rhythms of island living.

The well-known Bazar Labrin, which is held every Wednesday and the last Saturday of each month, will continue at its dedicated site at Beau Vallon.

This is the place where tourists can meet locals and enjoy the taste of their carefree, island-style way of living. The crowd is serenaded by the strains of local music as shoppers stock up on their supply of fruits and vegetables.

Visitors can shop for souvenirs and sample traditional snacks and drinks, all in an authentic Seychellois Creole ambiance that usually ends with the traditional moutya on the beach.

The Bazar Ovan, held at Ros Kopra, Baie Lazare, every last Sunday of the month, is growing from strength to strength.

Dubbed a “countryside” version of the other bazaars as it takes place in the pastoral south of the island, this is another opportunity for locals and visitors to mingle as they shop for local crafts and foods in a uniquely beautiful setting.

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