Gymnastics: Tumbling series-César brothers, Pierre, Duval and Corgate winners


Corgate was second to Sara Bonté in Saturday’s exercises but accumulated enough points – 170 – to win the girls ‘B’ division.

“It was fun and exciting,” Corgate told Sports Nation.
“I’m happy I won,” added the eight-year-old, who was initiated into gymnastics through the baby gym programme.

Leeroy Pierre in action

Bonté finished second with 160, Kelly Tambara third with 120 and Shamenda Boniface fourth with 90.

Adrian César only had to keep Andrew Jacques in check on the third and final day of the series to win the novice boys category with 170 points – 30 more than runner-up Jacques.

Adrian, 8, said he did not want to follow in the footsteps of his father Danny César, a former St Michel and Seychelles footballer, who watched him in action.

”I don’t want to play football like my dad did. I want to concentrate on gymnastics and I’m happy I won,” said Adrian, who has been practising gymnastics for three years now.

Adrian’s big brother, Leeroy, was a winner in the boys ‘B’ category with 170 points after dominating the tram and floor exercises.

Compared to Adrian, Leeroy, 14, occasionally plays football, but said he prefers gymnastics.

Danny Oreddy (150 points), Roger Confiance (110) and Laurent Morel (80) finished second, third and fourth.

As expected, Duval won the girls ‘A’ category with a 30-point margin – 180 to 150 – over Elvir Duval performs her routinerunner-up Deera Charles.

Duval won the tram with 7.3 points and the floor with 8.8 for a total of 16.1.

“It was easy and I did not make any extra effort to win the series,” said the gymnast of the year.

Danielle Richardson took third place with 110 points and June Joubert, who was absent on Saturday, finished fourth with 70.

With the aim of dethroning his cousin Ryan Dubois as gymnast of the year, Leeroy Pierre was first on the tram with 8.8 points but finished second on the floor with 9.0 after Dubois and Dereck Roucou had tied for first place with 9.2 points.

His day’s total of 17.8 points earned him first place and 60 points to add to his previous tally of 100 to finish on top of the four-gymnastic standings with 160 points.

Roucou (150), Dubois (140) and Jean-Yves Stravens (30) occupied second, third and fourth places.

“The competition was rather easy, but I had to stay focused as I want to win the gymnast of the year 2009 title,” said Pierre.

“I’m working on more improved and tougher routines for the forthcoming competitions,” added the 17-year-old.

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