Karate-Padayachy promoted to second dan black belt


The Shodan Shinsa (black belt grading), which was organised by the Kyokushinkai Karate School, was held at the Young Lions Dojo at Belonie.

It was conducted by shihan Phillip Moustache, sixth dan, and was helped by sensei Phillip Verghese, fourth dan.

Padayachy (centre) has been promoted to the rank of nidan

A senior female karate also took part in the grading session to assess her skills and get ready for her eventual grading in the future.

For his test, Padayachy was required to demonstrate all the basic and advanced techniques of Kyokushinkai karate while stationary as well as in different stances. He was also required to perform renraku (combinations) and katas up to the nidan level.

The toughest part of his test was during kumite (fighting) whereby he was required to fight against 20 opponents with all the fights being conducted under the International Karate Organisation’s (IKO) knockdown rules.

During his fights, Padayachy, who was a sempai, demonstrated Kyokushin’s unique philosophy of the ‘Spirit of Osu’ whereby one is required to persevere beyond one’s limits. His fellow karatekas cheered him on throughout the fights and he was still standing after the last fight.
At the end, shihan Moustache informed sempai Padayachy that he had succeeded his grading and promoted him to the rank of nidan.

Meanwhile, the next event on the school’s calendar is the Young Lions and Lion Cubs Tournament which will be held this month.

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