Judo-Good turnout for Port Glaud Open tournament


The tournament was sponsored by the Jj Spirit Foundation.
This is only the second time local judokas have been in action this year after they competed in a tournament on Praslin the weekend before.

The complete results:

Male poussin -27kg: 1st Damien Ally, 2nd Randolph Baker
Male poussin -30kg: 1st Micky Constance, 2nd Joshua Sinon
Female poussin -34kg: 1st Shamira Siméon, 2nd Rania Henriette
Male poussin -46kg: 1st Don Mein
Male benjamin -44kg: 1st Dominique César, 2nd Jean-Michel Vidot, 3rd Gino Sinon
Female benjamin -44kg: 1st Petra Tomking, 2nd Jessy Malbrook
Female benjamin -36kg: 1st Diana Lesperance, 2nd Marielle Agathe
Female minime -44kg: 1st Angela Victorin, 2nd Vinia Lesperance
Male minime -48kg: 1st Alexander Rose, 2nd Emmanuel Jacques, 3rd Paul Antat, 4th Shaun Hermitte and Gerard Henriette
Male minime -60kg: 1st Roge Gabriel
Male cadet -50kg: 1st Mervin Serret, 2nd Carlos Labiche, 3rd Yannick Sedgwick, 4th Ian Arnephy
Female cadet -70kg: 1st Amanda Payet
Male cadet -81kg: 1st Graham Dogley, 2nd Marcus Laurencine, 3rd Paolo Bonne
Male senior -60kg: 1st Francis Labrosse, 2nd Curtis Gabriel, 3rd Joel Boniface, 4th Ned Camille

G. G.

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