Police investigation into Hoareau tragedies ‘going well’


Assistant superintendent Philip Simeon said it was resumed and intensified soon after the commission of inquiry headed by Judge Anthony Fernando had completed its report.

President James Michel had asked Mr Fernando to conduct that inquiry, and a report was submitted to him early last month.

The inquiry came up with several recommendations for the police to consider and among them:

● Further investigation into the disappearance of the seven-year old boy;

● Further investigation into the death and the circumstances surrounding the death of his father Morris;

● That the police should address the shortcomings of officers involved with the case and take action against them.

Mr Simeon said the police investigation has taken all the recommendations of the inquiry very seriously and is acting on them.

He said for the time being the police will not go into the details of the investigation, but it is well underway.

He said the new Internal Affairs Bureau in the Department of Police is investigating the officers involved, and it is only after this is complete that it will be decided what action will be taken against them.

Mr Simeon also said a team of senior police officers has been put together to oversee action on the recommendations, and the police department has drawn up a plan to intensify training of officers to ensure such lapses do not happen again.

Meanwhile, the Office of the President has published copies of the commission of inquiry’s report into Mr Hoareau’s death and the disappearance of his son in March this year, as well as into the police response in the case.

The report will be available for viewing at the National Library as from Monday July 6 and can also be bought there for R100, to cover the cost of printing.

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