Seychelles University logo captures country’s essence


Dr Payet, chairman of the Seychelles University Foundation, said its design sums up the hopes for the first national university and the natural elements that typify our country’s beauty and essence.

He said the launch of the logo marks the start of the university’s operations, adding that the committee will begin marketing among the community today as preparations are made to start recruiting local and overseas full-time and part-time lecturers.

Dr Payet unveiling the logo before members of the Seychelles University Foundation marketing committee

The first of the public roadshows to be held on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue throughout this month takes places today at the International Conference Centre, starting at 2pm.

Dr Payet said the basic concept of the logo was inspired by what is believed to be the crest of Alexis Marie de Rochon, better known as Abbé Rochon, a French astronomer and physicist who was born in Brest on February 24, 1741 and died in Paris on April 5, 1817.

“He was destined to become a priest, hence the name Abbé Rochon,” said Dr Payet.

“In 1766 he received the title of Astronomer of the Navy and performed three great expeditions, one of which landed him in Seychelles in June 1769.”

Abbé Rochon was appointed to the Paris Academy of Sciences in 1771 and his notable scientific work included optical science, use of platinum in telescopes and nautical instruments, mapping the Seychelles archipelago, reform of weights and currencies, and providing early scientific descriptions of the coco de mer.

The university’s logoOn Mahe, a river, a dam and a suburb of Victoria are named after him.
The logo features white birds and fish, which reflect the core vision of the university to promote independent thinking and influence peaceful and sustainable consideration in an ever-expanding horizon, Dr Payet said.

“It has a white triangle in the foreground which captures the breathtaking landscape of the granitic islands, a poignant reminder of the delight of achievement and progress. The waves signify the ocean, where the potential for excellence is limitless,” he added.

The university’s motto Lavenir Dan Ou Lanmen – The future is in your hands – is displayed in a ribbon wrapped gracefully around the base of the crest.

“It is a recurring theme for this young nation, proud of its rich heritage, conscious of its role as custodian of a unique environment and desiring to progress and play a role in the community of nations,” said Dr Payet.

“The wording is derived from the first national anthem after independence and the founding of our nation.”

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