Convent residents treated to Independence Day lunch


The treat was organised to mark Independence Day after the companies – both owned by Dr V. Ramadoss – responded to an appeal from the convent.

The children enjoying their lunch

Pirates Arms staff prepared all the food, which they then took to the convent and served, while Agro Industries gave out fruit juices and milk, as well as donating a batch of both products for later use.

Representatives from both companies spent the day with the residents. After lunch they played with the children during the afternoon or chatted with the elderly and the nuns.

According to the organiser of the convent’s activities, Philip Arissol, the two companies have said they will continue to host events from time to time, including picnics and even a trip to Praslin.

He said the next activity for the convent is a trip to a marine park followed by a picnic, although the date and venue are yet to be finalised.

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