Referees’ knockout blow


Such blows could be devastating, just like the one the Seychelles Amateur Boxing Federation (SABF) took straight in the face on Wednesday July 1, when it received a letter signed by three referees and judges – Lisa Louise, Terence Athanase and John Figaro – in which they said they are withdrawing from all competitions organised by the federation.

It is for this reason that the federation called off yesterday’s competition.

In the letter addressed to SABF chairman Kenneth Nalletamby and copied to SABF secretary Fadia Dick, SABF technical committee chairman Edmond Folette and Robert Auguste of the National Sports Council, referees/judges Louise, Athanase and Figaro wrote that never in their nine-year career have they been seen by top officials as unqualified to officiate in local and international competitions even though they have not had the chance to sit for continental or international examinations.

The reasons they have given for withdrawing from all competitions are:
Some coaches and SABF members think that they (officials) lack training;
A lack of respect from coaches and SBF members;
Threats and verbal abuse received from spectators who are related to SABF members; and malicious articles published in different newspapers which are detrimental to their careers as boxing officials.

The three officials added that they will officiate again once there is a change in the attitude of some SABF members towards them, and the SABF has listened to their complaints and looked for solutions.

In the last competition on Thursday June 4 at the Anse Royale community centre, a spectator entered the ring perimeter and threatened international referee/judge Edmond Folette.
No action has been taken by the SABF against the culprit.
G. G.

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