Letter of the Editor-The beauty of sport


On behalf of the whole nation, I offer, as a sportsman myself, my warmest congratulation to Minister Vincent Meriton and the sports authorities, the officiating staff, the sponsors, the coaches, the sports medical staff, the volunteers, the media, the police, the SPTC and the athletes themselves, in particular, who made us feel proud to be SEYCHELLOIS.

Never had I seen so much national fervour and unity. Our youth, too often associated with bad influences, were at their very best proving what they can achieve when given the opportunity to do something for their Nation.

They rose brilliantly and successfully to the sporting challenge and we are all proud of them. They can certainly be up to great things if only we learn to channel their bursting energies and potential along the proper path such as through SPORTS.

We must, therefore, continue to develop sport to its highest level in our country. It must penetrate our schools so that children can start training at an early age and what a healthy way to keep them out of mischief.

Sport, as we have seen recently, is a powerful unifying force transcending all barriers. Herein lies its beauty.
John L. Adam

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