South African author to showcase Seychelles’ beauty in new book


In a book the author is writing themed “Mama Afrika”, the culmination of more than 30 years of travel around the continent will feature Seychelles in the last chapter entitled ‘Seychelles – Saving the best till last’.

Mr Holgate arrived in Seychelles last week – accompanied by his wife and son – with the aim of visiting the islands to showcase their beauty not only through his book but also through reports, articles, blogs and other media.

Minister Shamlaye looks on as Ms Grandcourt presents Mr Holgate with a gift

A cocktail was held in Mr Holgate’s honour on Monday night at the Constance Ephelia Resort, where he met a number of high-ranking government officials and other special guests. These included former president James Mancham, Minister for Social Development and Culture Bernard Shamlaye, principal secretary for culture Raymonde Onezime, French ambassador Philippe Delacroix and deputy chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Elsia Grandcourt.

Addressing the audience, Minister Shamlaye said the publication of the book is being anticipated and will certainly give needed publicity about Seychelles.

“As we explore every avenue in our promotional campaign to create awareness of our islands as a desirable tourist destination, the publication Of Mama Afrika will be a most welcome contribution to raising the profile of Seychelles even higher and further,” he said.

“We are very pleased that the Holgate family is with us and I hope that their journey through our islands is proving to be both enjoyable and eye-opening, even for such seasoned explorers as they are.”

Mr Holgate had a very exciting story for those present, where he recounted stories of adventures in the many countries he had visited, including facts like having had malaria 50 times and being caught by armed rebels.

And for many years he has done may types of humanitarian work, such as carrying out the One net, One life campaign, where he would give mosquito nets to pregnant women and educate them, and today has distributed over one million mosquito nets.

Mr Holgate also said his travelogue covered every country forming part of the African continent, with Seychelles being the last country, hence the title of the last chapter of his book ‘Seychelles: Saving the best till last’.

The event also served to launch a new map of Seychelles, commissioned by the Seychelles Tourism Board, a map which also classifies the islands according to the groups they fall in, such as inner islands and Amirantes group. The map will also feature in Mr Holgates’ book, a move praised by Minister Shamlaye.

“The mere name of Seychelles often evokes desires and dreams and it strongly suggests aThe new map of Seychelles that was launched during the ceremony place of great beauty. Yet its specific geographic location is not so well known,” he said.

“The new poster-sized map has been designed to fill this information gap and to make the point that the islands of Seychelles once lay at the very centre of the ancient continent of Gondwanaland. Indeed, we can also say that Seychelles is very centrally located in today’s world!”

Mr Holgate said when the book is finished he will head to Djibouti and from there on a one-year expedition, exploring the Great African Rift Valley.

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