Violana Seychelles helping visitors to stay in touch with loved ones


For that reason a lot of foreigners disembark at the ports of Seychelles every year -- they could either  be tourists from cruise ships, workers on tankers and cargo ships and even military personnel from the various navy ships patrolling the Indian Ocean because of the threat of Somali pirates.

After spending many days or even weeks at sea, one of the first things that most of them look forward to is to contact their loved ones back home. With the cost of making calls through satellite phones or accessing the internet on the ships excessively expensive, it is a very big relief for them to know that as soon as they reach the ports they can get access to a very affordable internet facility through Kokonet’s hotspot service branded Kokozone.


Kokozone’s coverage includes the port areas and even extends to the ships in the vicinity of the port. Users can access Kokozone on any WiFi-enabled device which include smart phones (iPhone being the most popular), laptops and tabs. They only need to buy a prepaid card; either a day, 2-hour or weekly card.

At the New Port the Kokozone cards can be purchased at Violana Seychelles, a small shop where the sea workers can find most of the goods they need, including souvenirs of Seychelles, cigarettes, phone cards and postcards of our beautiful islands, among other goods.

“The Kokozone day card is the most popular card as it provides clients with unlimited WiFi internet access for a full 24 hours after first login. The weekly card is less popular as most of the clients are in port for an average period of 2 days,” says Colette Jerbaka, owner of the Violana Seychelles shop. “You should see the joy on the sailors’ faces, most of whom have been at sea for weeks, when I tell them about the Kokozone service. They find the service very reliable and affordable.”

Another advantage with Kokozone is that it is a nationwide hotpot service, allowing those clients to use the cards at the port, in other parts of Victoria and even at the airport on Mahe and Praslin.

For more on the Kokozone service feel free to visit our sales office at the Huteau Lane or call us on 6474747.

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