Revamped headteachers’ association meets to plan way forward


The SHA’s executive committee

At a meeting on Saturday at the Care House, members worked on a strategic plan to take the association further and also to allow it to operate according to the challenges of the 21st century.

An overview will also be held at a later stage, where stakeholders will be explained how the strategy will develop and how the association plans to achieve its objectives.
The chief executive of the Liaison Unit for Non-governmental Organisations (Lungos) of Seychelles Steve Lalande gave a presentation in which he explained the structure of Lungos and how it operates, especially in relation to associations affiliated to it.

“The SHA is a non-governmental organisation registered with Lungos, and is categorised in a cadre called professional organisations,” he said.

“We saw it fitting that the members get to know about the role of Lungos and how they can get support from us.”

He added that Lungos will help the association to touch base with other sister organisations from regional countries such as other headteachers’ associations.

“We can also help in trying to secure funding for projects it might have,” he said.

The SHA was revamped in July this year, where a new executive committee was elected, comprising chairman Cyril Pillay, vice-chairperson Marie-Claude Morel, treasurer Francois Ally and secretary Mariette Mondon. There are also three ordinary members, namely Marie-Therese Elizabeth, Michael Antoine and Anne-Marie Elizabeth.

Mr Pillay addressing the meeting on Saturday
Mr Pillay said one of the strategic areas that the association plans to address first is teaching and learning, by supporting the Ministry of Education’s existing programme as well as capacity building.

The half-day session also had some group work and presentations by the members, such as analysis work, review of the constitution, and break-down of the SHA’s vision.

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