Letter to the Editor-“Prison - this & that”


The current major building projects under way at the Prisons should alleviate overcrowding and facilitate modern management and discipline.  Construction of a new water reservoir (now full) is also commendable.

“Disorder and lawlessness” brought prisoners to prison in the first place. They carry this with them when they come in.  Rehabilitation is a tall order at best.  It is demanding, sometimes thankless and very complex.  And yet, a few prisoners will – we feel sure – testify to the commitment, devotion and support they encounter in the Counselling Unit.

The Coetivy project has been in operation these last few months.  It is a reward for inmates with improved behavior.  The same principle applies for the landscaping team in town.  Yes, much more needs to be done but it is unfair to say that nothing is being done since the new man took over!

Friends of Prisons Association currently has 60 odd members.  These all have commitments of  their own. Yet, they try to find time to offer genuine “Lespwar ek lanmitye” to prisoners by organising twice monthly visits, fundraising activities, prison lunches on special festive occasions, etc.  We work closely with Prison Management. 
This has gained us recognition and much needed albeit modest funding from local sponsors and other donors including EU, UN and the US embassy.
Maybe it is worth noting that Prisons have made no scary headlines lately as it did so often in the past.
Indeed, much needs doing still but “Let us think carefully before we start crying foul”!

Management Committee
Friends of Prisons Association – Seychelles

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