Ile Perseverance aims to create model village


Minister Shamlaye addressing members of the task force at its launch on Friday

This is through the official launch of its own task force, a team comprising core members from a variety of walks of life.

A small ceremony was held on the island on Friday to present members of the task force to the media and public present.

Social worker and also programme development officer Margaret Ernesta gave a presentation, explaining the roles of the force and how these teams came to be established in the various districts.

She also introduced the core members, which comprise herself, youth worker Joevana Stephen, health department representative Corine Arnephy and police department representative Dave Julie. The force also has four wise persons, which are Phillipe Figaro, Alex Fideria, Mirella Morel and Paulette Gabrielle.

Among the guests present for the launch was the Minister for Social Development and Culture Bernard Shamlaye, and director general for community management Dan Frichot.

A partial view of the Ile Perseverance housing estate. Residents are being urged to create a new community that will be exemplary to othersMinister Shamlaye addressed the guests, saying a task force is essential to a district or village to address its social ills and promote well-being.

“Ile Perseverance is a small but growing community that will have issues that will need to be addressed by the task force,” he said.

“But the force is also tasked with preventing social ills from happening and will need to establish an action plan for how they plan to operate and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.”

He added that with the help of district administrator Georgie Nicette and his team, the residents can aim to create a new community that will be exemplary to others, a vision which he said he would like to see has been realised after some time.
Ile Perseverance also has a number of committees already in place, such as Neighbourhood Recreational Activities, disabled group and district youth council.

Mr Nicette said Ile Perseverance aims to be in conformity with all other 25 districts and that extensive work has been done to create the task force that will address the island’s challenges.

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