Natcof members learn to be responsible consumers


The workshop in progress

This was through a one-day workshop held on Tuesday at Care House with the aim of educating the members on how to be more responsible as a consumer not only in commodities and services but in other aspects such as healthy living.

They also learned more about laws which protect their rights and to help them to be more responsible consumers.

Presentations were given by representatives from the Fire and Rescue Services Agency, Ministry of Health and Fair Trading Commission (FTC).

Topics covered included fire safety at home, consumers and HIV/Aids and the Consumer Protection Act 2010.

Natcof chairperson Raymonde Course said this session is held annually as consumer education is one of Natcof’s core activities.

During the afternoon session, those present learned more about the FTC’s background, its roles and functions.

They were also presented with its objectives which include to safeguard the interest of consumers, and to promote and maintain effective competition in the economy.

The members were given details of the Consumers Protection Act including their statutory rights as a consumer and the act and illegal practices such as unfair contract terms.

At the end of the workshop, all those who took part were presented with a certificate.

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