Seychellois medallists at the 8th Indian Ocean Island Games from August 5-14, 2011


William Woodcock (1 gold in high jump)
Rosie Corallie (1 gold in shot put, handisports mental)
Men’s 4x100m relay team of Mervin Loizeau, Neddy Marie, Leeroy Henriette and Danny D’Souza (1 silver medal)
Leeroy Henriette (1 silver men’s 200m)
Danny D’Souza (1 silver men’s 100m)
Lissa Labiche (1 silver in the women’s long jump)
Janet Boniface (1 silver in the women’s triple jump)
Odile Felix (1 silver in the women’s 100m handisports mental)
Selwyn Beauchamp (1 bronze in the men’s shot put)
Janet Boniface (1 bronze in the women’s long jump)
Men’s 4x400m team of Leeroy Henriette, Jean-Yves Esparon, Nerry Luc et Neddy Marie (1 bronze medal)
Regis Duval (1 bronze medal in men’s shot put, handisports mental)
Silly Gaylord (1 bronze in men’s 3,000m steeplechase)

Badminton – 12 medals: 4 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze
Georgie Cupidon (1 gold in men’s singles)
Georgie Cupidon and Steve Malcouzane (1 gold in men’s doubles)
Cynthia Course and Alisen Camille (1 gold in women’s doubles)
Cynthia Course (1 gold medal win women’s singles)
Steve Malcouzane (1 silver in men’s singles)
Katherina Paulin and Danielle Jupiter (1 silver in the women’s doubles)
Georgie Cupidon and Alisen Camille pair (1 silver in mixed doubles)
Silver medal: Men’s team of Georgie Cupidon, Steve Malcouzane, Kervin Ghislain, Kevin Bonté, Allen Azemia and Nicholas Jumaye
Silver medal: Women’s team of Catherina Paulin, Alisen Camille, Shirley Etienne, Danielle Jupiter, Cynthia Course and Jessy Mancienne
Alisen Camille (1 bronze in women’s singles)
Katherina Paulin (1 bronze in women’s singles)
Steve Malcouzane and Cynthia Course (1 bronze in mixed doubles)

Basketball – 1 gold medal
Men’s basketball team of Cyril Agrippine, Darren Lesperance, Steven Servina, Daniel Victor, Nigel Sinon, Reggie Ah-Kong, Bernard Bristol, Robert Léon, Neddy Fanchette, Abdel Sylla, Amadou Sylla and Dominique Pillay (1 gold)

Boxing – 9 medals: 4 gold and 5 bronze
Andrique Allisop (1 gold in the 56kg category)
Kitson Julie (1 gold in the 69kg category)
Jovet Jean (1 gold in the 75kg category)
Keddy Agnes (1 gold in the 81kg category)
Perry Nassib (1 bronze in the 49kg category)
Dave César (1 bronze in the 52kg category)
Alva Botsoie (1 bronze in the 64kg category)
Sandy Baccarie (1 bronze in the 91kg category)
Ronny Legras (1 bronze in the +91kg category)

Cycling – 3 bronze medals
Hedson Mathieu (1 bronze in the individual time trial)
Hedson Mathieu (1 bronze in the road race)
Hedson Mathieu, Chris Germain, Andy Rose and Edward Pothin (1 bronze in the team time trial)

Football – 1 gold medal
Men’s football team of Nelson Sopha, Vincent Euphrasie, Eugene Valentin, Jonathan Bibi, Nigel Freminot, Allen Larue, Ronny Marengo, Jones Joubert, Nelson Laurence, Trevor Poiret, Henny Dufresne, Don Anacoura, Brian Dorby, Gervais Waye-Hive, Archille Henriette, Karl Hall, Alex Nibourette, Wilnes Brutus, Alpha Baldé and Kevin Betsy (1 gold)

Judo – 8 medals: 2 silver and 6 bronze
Manuella Volcère (1 silver in the women’s +78kg category)
Dominique Dugasse (1 silver in the men’s +90kg category)
Leslie Philoé (1 bronze in the -81kg category)
Leola Littles (1 bronze in the women’s -70kg category)
Brigitte Rose (1 bronze in the women’s -78kg category)
Francis Labrosse (1 bronze in the men’s 60kg category)
Naddy Jeanne (1 bronze in the men’s -73kg category)
Marie-Annette Vidot (1 bronze in the women’s -63kg category)

Sailing – 8 medals: 3 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze
Roy Govinden (1 gold, Laser Radial men)
Allan Julie (1 gold, Laser Standard men)
Bertrand Lablache (1 gold, Windsurfing)
Beth Gertrude (1 silver Laser Radial women)
Esther Hansel (1 silver laser Radial men)
Rodney Govinden (1 silver, Laser Standard men)
Meggy Gertrude (1 bronze, Laser radial women)
Jean-Marc Gardette (1 bronze, Windsurfing)

Swimming – 18 medals: 6 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze
Shrone Austin (5 gold medals in women’s 400m freestyle, 200m butterfly, 800m freestyle, 200m individual medley and 400m individual medley)
Bertrand Bristol (1 gold in 200m butterfly)
Shrone Austin (1 silver in the women’s 200m breaststroke)
Shannon Austin (2 silver in 200m freestyle and 400m individual medley)
Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay team of Shrone Austin, Shannon Austin, Anish Payet and Aurelie Fanchette (1 silver medal)
Cyril Charles (1 silver in men’s 50m freestyle handisports)
Men’s  4x200m freestyle relay team of Steven Mangroo, Shane Mangroo, Bertrand Bristol and Claude Adeline (1 bronze medal).
Shrone Austin (1 bronze in women’s 100m breaststroke)
Shannon Austin (1 bronze in women’s 400m freestyle)
Women’s 4x100m medley relay team of Shrone Austin, Shannon Austin, Aurelie Fanchette and Anisha Payet (1 bronze medal)
Men’s 4x100m medley relay team of Claude Adeline, Pierre-André Adam, Bristol and Adrian Nanty (1 bronze)
Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay team of Shane Mangroo, Bertrand Bristol, Claude Adeline and Steven Mangroo (1 bronze),
Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay team of Shrone Austin, Shannon Austin, Aurelie Fanchette and Anisha Payet (1 bronze)

Table tennis – 4 medals: 1 gold and 3 bronze
Anniessa Benstrong (1 gold in women’s singles)
Women’s team of Anniessa Benstrong, Janice Mellie, Christy Bristol, Dorina Robert, Margaret Chang-Time and Laura Sinon (1 bronze)
Godfrey Sultan and Anniessa Benstrong (1 bronze in the mixed doubles)
Anniessa Benstrong and Christy Bristol (1 bronze in women’s doubles)

Volleyball – 2 gold medals
Women’s team of Nathalie Agnes, Marielle Bonne, Sandra Joseph, Terille Songoire, Maya Biong, Marie-Claude Rose, Tina Agathine, Annie Appasamy, Flora Lesperance, Samantha Eugénie, Kelly Matombé and Virginie Richard (1 gold)

Men’s team of Ian Furneau, Rodney Ah-kong, Jude Frederick, Guilly Bijoux, Bernard Bijoux, Benjamin Bijoux, Kenneth Sinon, Percy Riaze, Ricky Vel, Paul Rose, Jones Mangroo and Perrin Sophola  (1 gold)

Weightlifting – 36 medals: 30 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze
Steven Baccus (3 gold in the 94 kg category),
Elvis Jeanne (3 gold in the 105 kg category)
Elvis Siméon (3 gold in the +105 kg category)
Janet Georges (3 gold in the +75kg category)
Katsia Télémaque (3 gold in the 48kg category)
Julie Matatiken (3 gold in the 53kg category)
Ruby Malvina (3 gold in the 58kg category)
Charles Siméon (3 gold in the 77kg category)
Terrence Dixie (3 gold in the 85 category)
 Ian Rose (3 gold in the 69kg category)
Frank Accouche (2 silver and 1 bronze in the +105 kg category)
Rena Agricole (1 silver in the 69kg category)
Jelissa Julie (2 bronze in the +75kg category)


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