SPTC installs public address system at Victoria bus terminal


The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) has since last week installed the new PA system which forms part of its project to renovate the Victoria bus terminal.

It is a new communication system that will also entertain commuters with background music, transmit important news and other information as well as remind members of the public of SPTC policies.

The new system will also help to notify the general public in the terminal vicinity of any warning when necessary.

During the coming weeks, SPTC will be testing and fine tuning the PA system and is calling on members of the public to cooperate and call the public relations office to give suggestions with regard to the new system.

The system was tendered in April 2011 and Fouhan Data Systems was responsible for the provision of all equipment, installation and commissioning of the project.

The contractor has used the equipment supplied by TOA Corporation in Japan, a company that specialises in PA systems.

The total cost of the project is R141,000 inclusive of all equipment, installation, training and commissioning.

Around 45,000 people make use of the Victoria bus terminal each day and its location is ideal for businesses to advertise.

The PA system will be a revenue generating activity as it will be used as an advertising medium for businesses.
According to a press release from SPTC, this is the only project that can be undertaken now without a new roof at the terminal.

The first phase of the re-roofing of the terminal which includes the structural assessment of existing steel roof structures has already been completed.

The re-roofing project per se will be tendered in September and it aims to turn the terminal into a modernised area that will be more convenient and comfortable for its users.

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