International School students notch 100% IGCSE pass rate-● A-level students average better than 3 A grades


Year 11 students Nikita Savy and Ryan Laporte opening examination results38 Year 11 (S5) students completed their two-year IGCSE programme in June 2011, taking final papers in between 7 and 12 subjects. Overall 81% of the passes are at higher pass level (A* - C), with the remaining 19% at lower pass level.

As in previous years students were able to increase the number of subjects taken by participating in after school classes in subjects such as Business Studies.

Outstanding individual performances were recorded by Maarej Rizvi, whose tally of 11 higher passes comprised 9 A* grades and 2 A grades, Vishal Shah (4 A* and 6 A grades), William Gao (4 A* and 4 A grades), Ryan Laporte (4 A*, 3A grades) and Nikita Savy (3 A*, 4 A).

Shefali Sehgal completed 5.5 A levels, gaining 660 points and breaking the record formerly held by International School student Rajiv Shah (620 points in 2007). Shefali gained one A* grade, four A grades and one B grade. Other strong performers included Julia Reinschmidt (1 A* and 3 grade ‘A’s at full A level), Rachel Pool (490 pts) and Gibran Rizvi (460 pts). A total of 14 students completed A level studies this year, with a further three due to complete in Shefali Sehgal, the new national record holder for Advanced levelNovember. The average points total for these 14 completing students is 378, equivalent to a little above AAA.

Year 12 students taking the first part of their A level assessments also did very well, with Siddanth Mathur gaining 4 A grades at AS level and his brother Sushanth just one grade behind on AAAB. Sanjna Shah also attained AAAB grades, in common with Saurab Vishwararma. Nandita Nair, the national record holder for IGCSE attainment, attained AAABB and Amelie Johnston carries forward an impressive AABB tally. These results will contribute to full A level outcomes in 2012 and have not been counted in the statistics for completing students presented in this article.

Jane Lincoln, head teacher of the International School expressed delight at yet another year of solid academic achievement:

“Success in external examinations not only requires students with the ability to succeed, it also requires the hard work of staff who have the best interests of the students in mind at all times and who can get the best performance out of their students…

“This success reflects the high level of commitment from the students and the staff at ISS, I am very proud of them all. It is important in any school not to be satisfied with ‘good enough’ and this attitude helps all, staff and students alike, to continue to improve and achieve at such high levels.”

Nayna Kennedy, who ran the school’s sixth form for many years, congratulated Shefali Sehgal on her record-breaking achievements and also commended the dedication of the teaching staff and the resources at the school which she described as “entirely appropriate and supportive of success at Advanced level”.

The majority of Year 11 students now progresses to commence the school’s A level programme, with most of the completing A level students either taking a ‘gap’ year or proceeding directly to university.

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