Seychelles makes it marks at Natas 2011 in Singapore


The Seychelles stand at the Natas Trade fair in Singapore

A large number of curious visitors had turned out at the Seychelles stand, interested to find out more about what they refer to as ‘The New Destination’.

The outcome of the trade fair was very positive with over eight bookings from honeymooners, all confirming their arrival in Seychelles during November and December this year.

Alongside the honeymooners, were other interested individuals and families, all in search of their next holiday destination.

It is definite that Seychelles appeals to a large number of Singaporean travellers.  To enhance the interest of Seychelles was a two-page publication in the Straits Times newspaper – one of the most well-sought after newspapers in Singapore. The colourful article specially published for the Natas Trade Fair boasted about the last Carnival in March 2011, which brought about inquiries on the upcoming one.

Present at the Seychelles stand were Martin Suresh and Philip Tan, who are both representatives of Air Seychelles, and from the Seychelles Tourism Board was the marketing executive for the Asian Market Maria Morel.

Promotion packages for airline tickets as well as hotel stay were made available by Air Seychelles which further contributed to the increase in sales.

The efforts and investment channelled into the Asian market is showing promising results for Seychelles. With current and upcoming publications in leisure and travel magazines such as Sports and Travel, The Quaterly, Wedding and Travel and Asian Geographic, awareness on the beauty of Seychelles is assured.  Asia is a very auspicious and untapped market for Seychelles and has the potential to be one of our leading markets in the future. Asian could be referred to as a “sleeping giant that is yet to be awakened”.

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