10th All-Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique – September 3-18-Badminton


Cupidon and Camille lost the mixed doubles final to settle for the silver medal             Women’s doubles silver medallists Course and Camille

In the mixed-doubles final, Georgie Cupidon, who won the title in 2007 in Algiers, Algeria, with Juliette Ah-Wan as partner, paired up with Alisen Camille to lose 1-2 (20-22, 21-9, 16-21) against Willem Viljoen and Annari Viljoen to finish on the second step of the medals’ podium.

To qualify for the final, Cupidon and Camille beat Susan Ideh and Olaoluwa Fagbemi of Nigeria 2-1 (15-21, 21-17, 21-19) in the quarterfinal and in the semifinal they played against Enrico James and Stacy Doubell of South Africa, winning the match 2-0 (21-19, 21-15).

In the other final contested by a Seychellois duo yesterday, Camille teamed up with Cynthia Course to lose the ladies’ doubles 2-0 against Stacey Doubell and Annari Viljoen of South Africa. The set scores were 18-21 and 15-21.

In their quarterfinal match, Course and Camille won by walk-over against Bridgett Shamin and Margaret Nakabirwa of Uganda, and in the semifinal they beat Nigerians Fatima Azeeze and Grace Daniel 2-0 (22-20, 21-15).

Meanwhile, in the men’s doubles quarterfinal, Cupidon joined forces with Steve Malcouzane for a 2-0 (21-16, 21-19) win over the Mauritian duo of Deeneshing Baboolall and Yoni Louison. The set scores were 21-16 and 21-19.

Their semifinal opponents were Jinkam Bulus and Olaoluwa Fagbemi from Nigeria and the Seychellois duo lost the match 0-2 (16-21, 10-21) to settle for the bronze medal.

What they said:

Georgie Cupidon: “I am really disappointed with the result as I was looking forward to defend my mixed doubles title. I know the South Africans are not better than us and we proved that in the second set. We made a lot of mistakes in the first and third sets and this cost us the match.”

Alisen Camille: “Losing in two finals is hard to digest and I am very disappointed, especially the ladies’ doubles. We were all out for the gold medal, but once on the court things changed and we did not perform well. As for the mixed doubles, it went well but we were a bit lost in the third set. I am sure we will do better next time.”

Cynthia Course: “Compared to our semifinal match, we did not play well in the final. We did not combine well and we made a lot of mistakes. As for the medal, it is my first silver at the All-Africa Games and I like it, but I feel we could have done better.”

Coach Gerald Bibi: “We were all out to defend the mixed doubles title, but we came up short. I am satisfied with the overall result. The players showed the willingness to win, but several mistakes, such as coordination on the court, let them down. I can say that my players have reached a very good level and have a lot more to offer. All they need to do is keep training hard.”

Seychelles’ overall performance:
Mixed doubles:
Georgie Cupidon and Alisen Camille (silver medal)
Women’s doubles: Alisen Camille and Cynthia Course (silver medal)
Men’s doubles: Georgie Cupidon and Steve Malcouzane (bronze medal)
Team event: Georgie Cupidon, Steve Malcouzane, Kervin Ghislain, Alisen Camille, Cynthia Course and Danielle Jupiter (bronze medal)
Coach: Gerald Bibi
Team manger: Juliette Ah-Wan
Official: Vanessa Crea


. Texts by our journalist in Maputo, Roland Duval
. Photos by Joena Bonnelame in Maputo

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