Prisoners’ rehabilitation programme on Coetivy-Authorities satisfied with progress made


Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy minister Joël Morgan made this statement after visiting the island of Coetivy on Monday together with Prison Superintendent Maxime Tirant, newly appointed Deputy Prison Superintendent William Thurbin, Police Commissioner Ernest Quatre, CSP Guy Roucou of the Public Service Support Wing of the police, Islands Development Company (IDC) chief executive Glenny Savy and his deputy Ronny Renaud.

The minister and his delegation toured the island to see the 50 prisoners at work and doing different activities.

The programme is being run by the Prisons Department Authority in collaboration with the IDC and its aim is to give the convicts the opportunity to be productive in society while serving their time. It also serves to help the prisoners in their rehabilitation in a different environment.

Part of the island around the settlement has been extensively cleaned by the prisoners under the supervision of the prisons department and the IDC management.

The minister’s delegation also visited a number of infrastructure which have been identified as ideal for the incarceration and rehabilitation of prisoners involved in drug-related crimes – an initiative highlighted by President James Michel in his National Day address this year.

At the end of the visit, members of the delegation discussed the issues observed and deliberated on proposals for the continued success of the programme.

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