Seychelles applauds Hawaii’s move to appoint tourism ambassadors


Hawaii Tourism has recently appointed Jorge Gonzales Carling and Juliana Osorio Valencia as its first tourism ambassadors in Colombia, a move that STB chief executive Alain St Ange said he welcomed.

Serious tourism destinations need to be better prepared to promote themselves in this wide world.

"There is no better way than to empower nationals from our respective countries to be mandated to spread the good news about our respective countries. Our people know their own countries and will sell with their heart," said Mr St Ange.

Seychelles was the first country to launch the Tourism Ambassadors programme over a year ago and they now has well over one hundred of its nationals in over 33 countries right across the world.

Mr St Ange, who was personally behind the creation of the Tourism Ambassadors scheme, said the programme works and that it is time for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to look at it and stand behind it as it does one thing – consolidate the tourism industry by nationals from countries who are serious about their tourism industry.

"The United Kingdom launched a programme for its Trade Ambassadors, the Seychelles has its Tourism Ambassadors and now Hawaii is joining forces to make this tourism programme more known and recognised.

“We are all pushing our own wheelbarrow up the hill to fetch our fair share of the market we deem important for our respective country. A UNWTO recognition of this programme will go a long way to give more credibility to what could be an innovative approach in marketing tourism," added Mr St Ange.

Hawaii Tourism Association president Juergen Thomas Steinmetz said Hawaii was proud to appoint its second global ambassador in Colombia. Colombia is a niche market for Hawaii with great potential.

“Jorge and Juliana have been dedicated and have worked tirelessly to develop their exclusive Hawaii travel programme,” said Juergen Steinmetz.

Seychelles and Hawaii are now joint and innovative leaders in pushing forward the tourism ambassadors programme. 

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