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 Dr Payet gives a copy of the charter of the university to President Michel at a ceremony to establish UniSey

Established on September 17, 2009, the University of Seychelles, otherwise known as UniSey, had long been the dream of many.

In fact University of Seychelles was part of President James Michel’s vision in turning Seychelles into a knowledge-based society by creating a university to benefit the youths of Seychelles. The joining of forces, striving for the best through ups and downs, the perseverance of those who believed finally shine. It was a group of 15 in all who managed to make this dream a reality as they sail away on a long journey with 53 students, the step stone of this historical venture.

President Michel visits students at work in the computer laboratory during a tour of the university campus at Anse Royale

The second anniversary of UniSey could not have come at a better time as the University prepares itself for the opening of its third academic year 2011-2012 on Monday September 19, 2011. This time around, UniSey will be welcoming 50 new students in its small but dynamic community, enlarging its students’ community to well over 500.

At the beginning of its first academic year, UniSey was only offering undergraduate and pre-graduate courses in Business and Administration as well as Computing and Information System. Today, UniSey has topped the expectations of many and will continue to do so in years to come as there are more than 300 students -- soon to be 500 -- enrolled in various courses at pre-undergraduate, undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

Dr Payet (right) and Christian Cafrine, chief executive of the National Human Resources Development Council, signing an agreement for 54 scholarships donated by private organisations and the government

UniSey students can also choose from a wider range of courses in fields such as business administration, marketing, human resource management, international business, geography and environment, law, economics, banking and finance, early childhood education, primary education, English, French, as well as tourism.

The University of Seychelles was formally inaugurated in November 2010 by the Chancellor of the University, President James Alix Michel, in the presence of guest of honour Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, who is the Chancellor of the University of London. It came one year after it opened its doors to the students in October 2009.

Princess Anne addressing guests at the inauguration of the University of Seychelles

Being the first independent, not-for-profit education institution in Seychelles, the University of Seychelles plans to expand its courses in the future so that people who are employed can follow courses on a part-time basis.

Princess Anne and President Michel after they had unveiled a statue of Plato marking the official opening of the University of Seychelles

The Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Seychelles, Dr Rolph Payet, stated on November 29, 2010 that the “university would become the core motor for the future economic and social prosperity of Seychelles …”

Dr Payet addressing a group of students enrolled on the University of Seychelles’ (UniSey) School of Education programme during an induction session

Primarily funded by the government, several private businesses have also financed the creation of this on growing establishment and are still supporting this project by offering a number of scholarships to the students. However it is important to note that people from all walks of life have also donated towards the creation of the University of Seychelles which is why the University is also known as the ‘People’s University’. With the main campus at Anse Royale, the University of Seychelles also has a campus at Mont Fleuri at the ex-National Institute of Education which has now been transformed into the School of Education. In partnership with other international universities such as the University of London, Edith Cowan University of Australia, the Ireland National University, the University of La Reunion, Eastern and Southern African Management Institute, Paris-1 Patheon Sorbonne of France along with Amity University of India.

The first group of students to start their studies at UniSey. They are seen here at the ceremony to establish the university

In addition to that, the University of Seychelles will shortly be signing key partnerships with universities in South Africa and Australia. Not only will one guarantee a degree after completion of one’s studies but the degree will be one that holds great quality with strong reputation worldwide.

What can be more satisfying than achieving success in your motherland around the comforts of those you love? Placed among one of the smallest universities in the world, taking a degree in Seychelles is more than a plus, it is indeed a dream come true.
Surely, it will take years before UniSey becomes a full fledged university but as the saying goes ‘one generation plants the trees and another gets the shade’.

Today we pay tribute to all those who ensured that the University of Seychelles did not remain a project proposal, nor a stack of papers on the bookshelf. We also salute those people who persevered and actually invested effort to make University of Seychelles a reality.

Representatives of the private sector who have sponsored scholarships in a souvenir photograph with former Education Minister Bernard Shamlaye, members of the university’s board and its deans of faculties

The University of Seychelles proudly celebrates its 2nd anniversary and from this day UniSey welcomes those who are not hesitant to open the door to success and professionalism.  Seize the opportunity to unlock your potential for the future is in your hands.


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