Labour survey begins today


Principal statistician Helena De Letourdis said they will begin work in the central districts of Mahe, but their work will take them to other parts of Mahe as well as to Praslin and La Digue.

“A labour force survey (LFS) like the one we are doing aims to collect data for the production of current and complete statistics on the labour market and decent work in the context of the government’s implementation of the Macroeconomic Reform Programme and the Decent Work Country Programme,” she said.

The survey will focus on data collection related to employment, unemployment and working conditions. The last LFS was done in 2005 but the ongoing one will collect extra data that will help “to compile indicators that measure decent work, informal employment, employment in the informal sector, time related underemployment and measures of labour underutilisation.

The 12 NBS officials will visit the homes during the next three months to interview household members aged 15 years or above.

They will be wearing badges bearing the NBS name and the bureau is appealing to residents selected in the sample to give their full cooperation to the officials when they visit.

“The public are reminded that the information collected will be treated with strict confidence and no individual information will be published,” she said.

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