National Assembly Elections-Parti Lepep recounts progress and looks ahead


Today we publish excerpts from that of Parti Lepep, and tomorrow we hope to carry some highlights from the Popular Democratic Movement’s plan.

Independent candidate Jacqueline Hoareau said she has not published a manifesto but Nation hopes to get an outline of what she wishes to do for the electorate of Mont Buxton if voted in.

Parti Lepep’s manifesto recounts the big challenges it faced and overcame when voters gave it a new mandate in 2007.

Entitled: A New National Assembly, the Parti Lepep’s 16-page document says the then Seychelles People’s Progressive Front started its last mandate when the economy was very fragile after winning the majority of seats in the 34-seat National Assembly.

The party says it had “big ambitions” for economic growth.
“At the heart of its manifesto was the overriding commitment to the economic transformation of Seychelles. To achieve big, the government – under the leadership of President James Michel – put in place a comprehensive reform programme,” it says.

It then outlines how the International Monetary Fund and other key partners helped the government turn around the country’s economy in what the party’s leader, President Michel, said was a victory achieved, declaring the state of the Seychellois nation as very solid.

Parti Lepep says it is now committed to strengthening the multiparty democracy as it builds a New Seychelles saying the more dignified the political parties are in their activities, the stronger the National Assembly and the parliamentary system will be as they represent the people.

Among the party’s specific efforts, the manifesto counts the measures the Parti Lepep-led government made, like strengthening the framework for monetary policy and financial sector regulation and development.

To improve the administration of debt portfolio, says the manifesto, the party’s members in the Assembly voted unanimously to pass the Public Debt Act which streamlined how loans are to be contracted in the future.

Parti Lepep notes that the law has allowed the creation of the first international best practice National Debt Committee for Seychelles which has direct authority over debt issuance.

The party says during its next term in the New National Assembly it will be committed to continue managing public debt and increase transparency with the public and creditors.

It also talks of the benefits of the Public Enterprise Monitoring Act which has led to financial reporting obligations and corporate governance for all public entities, and is expected to improve government’s capacity to monitor and limit debt taken by public enterprises.

Track record

Parti Lepep lists some of the victories the country has realised during its last term, naming economic reform success, overall good governance, floating of the rupee which ended 15 years of foreign exchange shortage, and the disappearance of the blood market, better control of expenditure, stabilisation of the rupee and rescheduling of debts, falling inflation, dropping cost of living, better gross reserves and a more transparent administration among other gains.

It mentions the big efforts being made to protect the vulnerable in society after Parti Lepep voted to create the Seychelles Welfare Agency and other measures to contain the cost of living.

Also listed are the efforts to protect consumers, for example creation of the Fair Trading Commission.

“With the Seychelles economy moving in the right direction, the Parti Lepep-led government is now committed to re-investing in the people of Seychelles,” says the manifesto, which notes the 2011 budget which the National Assembly voted for is a step in the right direction, “allocating more money to priority sectors to increase the quality of service given to the people of Seychelles”.

“The Parti Lepep Government has made considerable progress in putting our economy back on track. What is needed now is to build on our successes and strengthen the laws and structures in place to allow for growth and development,” says the party, talking of the efforts being made to rid the nation of negative influences through the moral and social renaissance drive aimed at making The New Seychelles an even better place to live in.

Extended legal arm

Parti Lepep says its members of the National Assembly extended the country’s legal arm to catch pirates wherever they are to be found by voting on a law making such reach legal, helping rescue Seychellois fishermen who were kidnapped by the buccaneers.

They also voted on National Assembly reforms and now pledge the New National Assembly will be more serious and disciplined in line with President James Michel’s call.
Parti Lepep members in The New National Assembly will be committed to devoting more time to serve their constituents to whom they will stay close, says the manifesto, which adds they will work hard “to bring more victories to Seychelles”.

Being in close touch with the electorate, the members, it says, will seek to explain Parti Lepep’s policies.

The party says Mr Michel is leading the country with dignity and resolve, and under his leadership the members will continue to improve and strengthen the legal frameworks crucial to Seychelles economic development and young evolving democracy.

In order to achieve those goals, there is a need to have a National Assembly which understands and shares the vision of President Michel and is willing to work with him.

The manifesto says Mr Michel’s top six priorities are: consolidating and enhancing social gains; continuing to strengthen and diversify the economy; promoting Seychelles as a world leader in areas of excellence, including environmental conservation and sustainability; securing citizens’ safety and the country’s international reputation; promoting the rule of law, good governance and transparency; and upholding law and order while maintaining social cohesion.

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