Amazon joins iPad contest


IT industry watchers are speculating that the Amazon tablet could be sufficiently competitively priced and have the brand recognition needed to sell up to five million before the end of the year.

Despite the release of a range of tablet devices by other computer firms, the vast majority of the market is still held by the iPad. The arrival of the Amazon tablet, running the successful Android software, is expected to mark the first real challenge to Apple’s dominance.

iPads have been arriving increasingly regularly in Seychelles carried by tourists and well travelled Seychellois. However, costing upwards of US $650, iPads have been an expensive addition for even the most up to date IT aficionados, and with the Amazon tablet expected to be much cheaper, they could spark a rapid increase in tablet use in Seychelles.

“Tablet devices are really popular for accessing social media sites and watching online video and music content,” says Kokonet’s sales and marketing manager, Romano Laurence.

“They’re lightweight and very portable, so a great way to access the web while on the move.”
However, lacking a USB port, iPads cannot access the net using a dongle and are reliant on wireless networks and wireless hotspots, such as Kokonet’s Kokozone network.

“We have Kokozone hotspots at the airports on Mahé and Praslin and at many places around Victoria, which are very popular with tourists using iPads. Our Kokozone hotspots in residential areas such as Anse Etoile, Roche Caiman and Pointe Larue tend to be more popular with local internet users,” says Mr Laurence.

In keeping with Kokonet’s range of broadband internet options, the Kokozone wireless hotspots have no download limits, meaning that users pay a single fixed sum with no hidden extras.

“Kokozone is a great option for iPad users as they don’t need a dongle to get online and they don’t have to worry about running up enormous bills as our no-download-limit policy keeps the cost fixed at a market leading rate,” says Mr Laurence.
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