Interview with artist Kidusie following the release of his new album-An artist’s journey


Seychelles Nation: Why the name Kidusie?
Well, Kidusie is not an English word per se. In fact, it stems from the ancient Amharic language of Ethiopia and means we are holy. 

Seychelles Nation: What style of music can we expect from this album?
The album comprises entirely Reggae Dancehall mixed with a little R&B, Hip Hop and Black Urban music.

Seychelles Nation: Why this particular style?
The reason I chose this style is because I grew up listening to this type of music. I’ve lived a great majority of my life in England and the people I hung out with mostly listened to Reggae Dancehall and the likes. It was pretty much everywhere you turned.

Seychelles Nation: What can we expect to gain from this album?
The songs themselves deal mostly with life and love in general – the ups as well as the downs of both and how to cope with them.

Seychelles Nation: Is this your first time writing music or have you had previous experience?
Actually, this is my first international album to ever be released but I have done one or two singles with local singer Jahna Ranks. However, this is the first serious album I have promoted.

Seychelles Nation:  You mentioned before that your album is being promoted internationally. Where has it had exposure so far?
The album has been recorded in France – which is where I am working at the moment – but I’ve been to Amsterdam and Spain for a few promos so far.

Seychelles Nation: How do you think your album will make a difference on the local music scene?
It’s good that you ask. In fact, I am trying to bring music to the next level and I hope that this album will be able to do just that. This album is a way to promote my music in Seychelles and Europe. Another album will be out on October 15. This one will be an acoustic unplugged version.

R. C-T.

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