Côte D’Or much cleaner than last year, say La Reserve staff


The La Reserve team, happy with a job well done

As they did last year, a group including management, directors, hotel guests and other staff geared up on Friday September 16 to kick-start their dedicated cleaning activity.

La Reserve is a Seychellois owned hotel on Praslin which has constantly supported the Baie Ste Anne/Côte D’Or community. This year they have once again responded positively to the Clean Up the World campaign to play their role in keeping Côte D’Or and Seychelles clean.

With this year’s theme “Our Islands, Our Place, Our Responsibility”, La Reserve has taken the initiative also as an example for other businesses in the area.

Despite heavy rain on that Friday morning, the team left the gates of La Reserve and walked along the Côte D’Or main road picking up litter that has been dumped on both sides of the road  and down on the Côte D’Or beach all the way back to the hotel.

Peter Pomeroy, hotel director who also took part in the activity, said he is very proud of his team because when he noticed the rain on that Friday morning, he thought the staff would refuse to go but he gladly joined a very determined team who eagerly packed gloves, plastic bags and all set to go.

He also gladly remarked that the streets are very much cleaner this year compared to the year before but still people should make more effort, especially in areas near the bins where most litter was collected.

Together with the sales and marketing manager, Chantal Jeannevol, Mr Pomeroy has confirmed that La Reserve will always do its part to assist in anyway to maintain a clean and healthy environment for us all.


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