Seychelles and the international press ... A relationship that pays dividends


Top Resa 2011, the French tourism trade fair held in Paris from September 20-23, saw Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) chief executive Alain St Ange at his best with the international press. He was covered by a series of television networks and print publications as he seized all the opportunities to be interviewed on the state of the islands’ tourism industry.

At the Seychelles stand at the Top Resa, many television cameras lined up the corridor of the fair ground waiting for their interview slots.

“This is a first even for Seychelles. We go out of our way to look for press coverage and we always value the attention given to us,” said Mr St Ange.

Seychelles depends on its tourism industry and the PR angle with the press undertaken by the islands’ tourism board is an example to be followed.

Today, these once dreamy islands are on Google Alert virtually daily and are seen on most online news wires. Their tourism boards must be congratulated for their willingness to talk to the press and to help the press discover their islands.

Dozens of members of the international press descended on Seychelles last March for the islands’ carnival. This was probably the largest contingent of press on the island at one go, but it resulted in a shock treatment for television viewers across the world as the beauty of these mid-ocean islands and its unique carnival were beamed into millions of homes. 

Very few tourism boards have the energy to be that receptive and welcoming to the press fraternity, but Mr St Ange from the Seychelles said and continues to say: “We have nothing to hide. What you see is what we are. So feel free to discover Seychelles at your own pace because we have no no-go areas.”

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