SBC TV dedicates airtime to mark Seychelles’ Tourism Week


The forum is to be aired on SBC TV on Wednesday October 5 at 9pm.
The Seychelles Tourism Week was organised by the STB to commemorate the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s World Tourism Day held on September 27.

Those taking part in the forum are Investment, Natural Resources and Industry Minister Peter Sinon,  STB chief executive Alain St Ange, employment principal secretary Marina Confait, National Heritage director Gabriel Essack, tourism professional David Savy and Seychelles Tourism Academy principal Flavien Joubert.

Seychelles’ famous and well-respected local presenter Nathalie Rose is the host of the round-table discussion.

The focus of the forum is on the importance of the Seychelles tourism industry, looking at how far we have come and where we want to be in the next 40 years, as well as various other elements like career opportunities, cultural tourism and challenges of the industry, among others.

Mr St Ange says the aim of the forum is to create public awareness about the importance of the industry and the existing opportunities in tourism as well as the threats that may well affect tourism, which remains the pillar of our economy.

Calling on all Seychellois to take ownership of its tourism industry, the forum invites the whole of Seychelles to protect its tourism industry and make it even more sustainable for the next 40 years.

For his part, SBC’s studio OB and events coordinator Johnny Souris says the SBC has decided to host the forum to commemorate the country’s 40th anniversary of its tourism industry and also reflect on where we want that industry to be in the next 40 years.

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