Ergonomic tips can keep you comfortable and productive


These simple stretching exercises are very helpful in providing relief from prolonged postures

The theme for 2011 is ‘Workout at work day’ where the emphasis is on the vital role physiotherapists around the world including Seychelles play in combating lifestyle-related diseases and disability. Activities for this year highlighted the business benefits of having a fit, healthy and physically active workforce and such was emphasised though ergonomics session.
What is ergonomics?
Ergonomics is a discipline that involves arranging the environment to fit the person in it. When ergonomics is applied correctly in the work environment, visual and musculoskeletal discomfort and fatigue are reduced significantly. It thus fulfills the two goals of health and productivity for it has been proven that people who works ergonomically correct have fewer injuries and are more productive.
Ergonomics tips
 • Arrange your work area to keep frequently used items within easy reach to minimize excessive bending and twisting.
 • Minimise your risk of injury by monitoring your body’s signals of discomfort.
• Remember to take frequent breaks. Breaks minimise risk of pain and discomfort and also maximise productivity.
• Stretch breaks involve stretching exercises to provide relief from prolonged postures.
• Exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, eat balanced, nutritious meals.

If you wish to give your employers an insight into their working postures, how to reduce tension and advice on musculoskeletal problems, as well as to show them your commitment to their wellbeing please contact the Physiotherapy Unit at Seychelles Hospital on 4388027/4388357. Professional physiotherapists are ready and willing to help you.

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