Anse Boileau’s coastal rehabilitation project-Community’s involvement pays dividend in beach protection


The use of two-step timber piling at Anse Boileau to create a barrier between the coastal dune back and the surge attack

It has since been brought to the attention of Seychelles Nation that it is largely due  to a group of concerned residents of that district, who constituted the Anse Boileau Environmental Protection and Coastal Rehabilitation Association (AEPCA).

Louis Loizeau, who heads the group, said the association was initiated by himself and Valcy Nibourette, then district administrator, a few years ago.
They sought technical advice and funds from Recomap, (Regional Programme for Sustainable Management of Coastal Countries of the Indian Ocean).

With the assistance of engineer Niman Sinaratne, the Civil and Construction Company Limited (CCCL) and the Seychelles Coastguard,  the use of two-step timber piling was used to create a barrier between the coastal dune back and the surge attack. The piling followed natural topography and contour of the beach to create natural pocket areas.

Artificial coral fill and sand augmentation was done behind piles to create duneland height increase followed by tree planting activity with children.

According to Mr Loizeau, though maintenance work is still required at some sections,  the area protected is over 600 metres long, stretching from the beachfront opposite the Anse Boileau police station to Cap Ste Marie.

During his recent tour of the area, President Michel said there is a need for communities to be more environmentally conscious.

He said everyone must do his or her share to stop coastal erosion, by planting trees and vegetation to hold back the sand dunes.

“Everyone can make a contribution to reclaim his coastal zone or his beach,” he said.  

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