Seychelles addresses aviation summit in Berlin


The World Routes Development Strategy Summit, from October 2 to 4, is being held under the banner ‘Uniting international aviation stakeholders to shape the future of global air transport’, and the panel discussion Mr St Ange and counterparts took part in focused on 'Government support in the tourism market and the transformation of the tourism authority’.
Mr St Ange addressed the audience while a DVD of Destination Seychelles played in the background and covered such issues as the new role for the private sector in Seychelles´ tourism industry while also referencing Seychelles as a desirable tourism destination.

The moderator for the panel discussion, Daniel Pearce, editor of TTG, then engaged panel members in further discussions concerning different elements of private sector pro-activity in tourism and ways in which governments are increasingly taking a back seat as facilitators while the private sector influences the course of tourism.

This allowed a further opportunity for Mr St Ange to speak about Seychelles tourism and its many attributes, leading the islands to be mentioned in the closing address by the moderator.

The Seychelles delegation attending the above discussion comprises Conrad Benoiton (director of the Board of the Seychelles Tourism Board), Elsia Grandcourt, deputy chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board and Glynn Burridge, Seychelles Tourism Board’s copywriter and consultant.

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