Korea pledges synergy in energy pursuit


Mr Kim presents his credentials to President Michel

He will try to strengthen the two countries’ diplomatic and economic ties, he said.
Korea, like Seychelles, is pursuing the ambition of stepping up environment conservation and the country is concentrating on developing renewable energy, for example from wind and the sun, said Mr Kim.

“There is a great potential for Korea to contribute to Seychelles’ green energy goals.”
“There are many good Korean companies like Samsung and LG which make solar panels and others that make excellent wind turbines,” he said.

Korea uses modern methods to treat waste, and can share its technology with us, helping convert some of what we throw away into electricity, said Mr Kim.

Ties between Seychelles and Korea were greatly strengthened when President James Michel visited Korea in 2009.

“On the basis of this good foundation that was laid then, while I’m serving as ambassador, I will try to enhance and promote the relations,” he said, noting he expects Seychelles to be an important hub as much global activity moves towards the Indian Ocean.

Mr Kim also held talks with Vice-President Danny Faure, and will this morning call on the speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Patrick Herminie.

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