Minister’s message-‘An opportunity to pay tribute and say thank you to our teachers’


Minister Mondon“It gives me great pleasure to address you at the launch of Teachers’ Week 2011, a special moment in the year when we pay tribute to the many teachers who are working wholeheartedly towards educating our children. 

Teachers’ Day 2011 is being celebrated under the theme, “Dedicated Teachers Transform Society”.  The theme chosen is fitting as our country embarks on a national campaign on social renaissance, which calls for a moral and spiritual transformation of our nation.

The role of teachers and educators as nation builders in this endeavour is extremely crucial as we are expected to develop in the young people the knowledge, skills and attributes that will enable them to grow up to be responsible citizens.  

At the same time, the work of the dedicated teachers is expected to counteract and mitigate to an extent the problems emerging from an increasingly fast changing community and society.  We teachers, by virtue of our profession, have the influence over the children in our care. 

Teachers are at the heart of any society that is progressing: a society where there is national unity and harmony, where pride and aspirations override ideological, cultural and economic differences, where people from all walks of life live side by side, intermingle, and form families, and a society where peace prevails.

Our roles extend beyond the steps and doors of our classrooms, and permeate the walls and boundaries of our communities, our actions and deeds are replicated by many, the children, the youths and adults who often look up to us as models in the society. 

The last time we launched Teachers’ Week on La Digue was on October 1, 2005. Many have retired since then. Today, I am happy to be on Praslin, as this launch carries great significance for our schools on the islands.

Firstly, we want to sensitise the Praslin and La Digue communities on the importance of the teaching profession and the role that teachers play in the development of society.

Secondly, we need to raise awareness among Praslinois and Diguois on the need to promote the teaching profession amongst the youths of the two islands.

Over 40% of teachers working on the two islands are not Praslinois or Diguois and it is becoming extremely difficult to entice teachers from Mahe to come and work on Praslin and La Digue. We need to build capacity on the two islands and today as the minister responsible for Education, Employment and Human Resources, I would like to make an appeal to the people of Praslin and La Digue to encourage more young people to join the teaching profession.

I appeal to Praslinois and Diguois teachers who are working on Mahé and students who aspire to make a career in teaching to come back after their training and lend a hand in the education of the islands’ youths. (Let us do it for our people and communities). 

Our islands have not been spared of the ills of society. No one understands your communities better than you and in many ways you are better placed to educate, care for, to understand and to boost the motivation of the students of your islands. This is where you were born, grew up and educated and today I am calling on you to return and contribute towards building a stronger, healthier and a prosperous community.

This feat dear Praslinois, and Diguois, can only be achieved through giving our children a sound education.

Recruiting from overseas is no longer the answer. Teacher shortage is a problem worldwide and we can no longer rely on expatriate teachers because they are not available anymore.  I would like at this point to express my appreciation to the non-Seychellois teachers who are working in our country. We value your services.

I would also like to urge the Careers Education Teachers to approach their lessons with more vigour and double their efforts in promoting teaching as a career among our youth. We need teachers in all our schools.  We need good and dedicated teachers who can really make a difference in the lives of our children. We need teachers who are passionate about teaching; we need teachers who care and love children unconditionally.

I call on our partners and influential stakeholders on the two islands to join forces to work in close collaboration with the schools to help us create a workforce on the islands that we can all be proud of.  Let us work together and create the right synergy for continued progress and success. Let us win for our children.

Teachers’ Week is also an opportunity to pay tribute and say thank you to our teachers. Today, in a special way, I want to congratulate those teachers who continue to demonstrate a high level of dedication and professionalism in the performance of their duties. I also acknowledge teachers who are willing to evaluate their performance and find ways to improve and apply ideas so as to make their teaching more effective. 

The impact conscientious teachers make and the influence they yield on the young minds, hearts, spirits, and lives of those whom they educate is immense, incalculable and enduring.

Teachers possess many talents and skills. Every year the Teachers’ Day organising committee invites teachers to showcase their talents so that we can appreciate the riches that are within our teachers.  It is satisfying to note that despite their full commitment to teaching they can still find time for some relaxing activities. This exhibition is testimony to the many hidden talents of our teachers. I wish to congratulate and thank all of you who have participated and contributed towards its realisation.

I would also like to thank the organising committee on Praslin for having made this event possible. Many of you here today have contributed your time and expertise in putting together this ceremony. Thank you all for your effort.

My heartfelt thanks also go out to our partners and sponsors who have contributed generously towards the realisation of today’s event.

Thank you dear children for the wonderful performances.
To all the teachers who have come all the way from La Digue to join us in this celebration, thank you for being here. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I now invite you all to join me in paying tribute to two long serving teachers, the deputy head teacher of Praslin secondary and the head teacher of Baie Ste Anne primary school who have devoted over 40 years of their lives in the profession and who are taking their retirement this year.   

I am sure that the journey was not always rosy, but through their love for children and the determination to help building their nation, they persevered.  They have taught many lives and created many professionals of today. Let them be an inspiration for those who aspire to be teachers.  Marie-Ange and Florette are teachers I have known and worked with years back when I was director for schools.  Today, I would like to thank you for your dedication and perseverance.  Thank you for a lifetime of service towards the education of our people. Words are never enough and gifts are often not appropriate when it comes to thanking a teacher.

Today we would like you to accept this small token of appreciation prior to the presentation of awards ceremony on Saturday.
It is with much pleasure that I open this first ever teachers’ exhibition on Praslin.
Happy Teachers’ Day,
Thank you.”

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