Teachers’ Day-‘Be your students’ inspiration,’ President tells teachers


President MichelThis comes in President Michel’s message on the occasion of Teachers’ Day today.
The full text of Mr Michel’s message reads:

“Teachers’ Day always brings a feeling of joy, a sense of personal accomplishment and national pride.  Our devoted teachers, some of them with more than 40 years of experience, touch the lives of generations of our youths. They positively influence the destiny of our nation.

“In October every year we dedicate a week to celebrate the wonderful work of our teachers.  It is the opportunity to highlight the value of teachers, the pivotal role they play in helping our children to develop into knowledgeable, responsible citizens.

“The theme of Teachers’ Day this year is ‘Dedicated Teachers Transform Society’. It is a meaningful theme that fits in well with our nationwide mobilisation for social renaissance. 

“Teachers are best placed to facilitate the process of shaping the minds and characters of the youths entrusted to them. Very often they take up the additional role of parents, guardians of our children. They are loving, humble, resourceful, hardworking, attentive to their classes, and great communicators.                                                                                                                                  
“On behalf of parents and government, I thank our teachers for their choice of career. Teaching is one of the most respectable, noble and rewarding professions. We greatly appreciate their service to our country. 

“Education is also about the development of values and principles expected by society.  A society without responsible and empowered citizens has a bleak future.  Dedicated Teachers Transform Society is such a powerful message calling us to action, now.

“The Education Reform 2009/2010 has brought a shift in the management landscape of our educational institutions, an adjusted curriculum for early childhood, the introduction of technical vocational and training programme for secondary schools, a new pastoral care system, a revised school inspection system and a new assessment framework. 

Dear teachers, as implementers of the reform, you are instrumental in ensuring that students make the most of the opportunities to achieve their full potentials.

“Training of teachers remains high on our agenda. The University of Seychelles is offering courses to teachers from early childhood, primary and secondary. I am calling on all teachers to avail of the training opportunities.  

“The teachers council, to be set up before the end of 2011, will maintain a register of all teachers. It will assist in their professional development. 

“On Teachers’ Day, we remind our nation that we must always safeguard our cultural heritage, values, traditions, and act as real patriots.  It is for this reason that from January 2012, citizenship education will be taught in all secondary schools and post secondary institutions as a subject on the time table. 

“My wish is that the teachers continue to firmly believe that all their pupils and students can learn something meaningful.   Be their inspiration, connect to each one of them on a personal basis, help them individually to achieve clear goals in their lives.

“Once again, I would like to congratulate our proud teachers on their special occasion.
“I wish you all a happy Teachers’ Day.”  

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