Ile Perseverance hosts open day


A partial view of the Ile Perseverance housing estate. The open day will run until tomorrow

The open day has been organised by the department of land use in collaboration with various partners and stakeholders.

The department’ director general for project implementation, Yves Choppy, said it is part of the activities for this year’s Habitat Week.

“We have two main types of exhibits, which are the various types of houses that we are making available to tenants and then we have a variety of stalls, where a number of businesses and organisations are showcasing devices that promote sustainable eco-friendly homes,” he said.

Various devices that promote sustainable eco-friendly homes are being showcased during the open day

These include companies like Bodco, Bestway Plumbing and the Sustainability for Seychelles non-governmental organisation.

Mr Choppy said they are showing seven types of houses that are currently being built but they will not be entertaining applications for these houses.

Applicants should go through their district administrations for the proper procedures to get a house on Ile Perseverance.

“We are, however, inviting everyone to come and visit the houses and stalls here,” he said.
He added that the government also received a grant from the Abu Dhabi government recently, a part of which is being used to build a steel-framed type of house, which will also be showed to the public.

The steel-framed houses are a new type of construction – 148 units of which will be built – and Mr Choppy said he hopes will prove popular here as it will offer an alternative to the traditional bricks and cement construction and its materials are also easier to transport.
“Certain aspects of these steel houses can even be pre-fabricated,” he said.
The open day will run until tomorrow and transportation to and from the village have also been made available.

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