PDM goes to court to claim Assembly seat


“The declaration that we are not entitled to a seat was made on the basis of the fact that we got 7.4% of all the votes cast including the rejected ones, but if you look at all the previous elections since 1993, seats have been allocated on the basis on valid votes only,” he told Nation.

A political party wins a seat for each 10% of the votes it wins.
Mr Pierre said if the same formula is used, his party should get a seat on a proportional basis “because we got 10.89% of valid votes”.

At the September 29 to October 1 National Assembly election, the PDM won 3,828 votes – which added up to 10.89% of the 35,145 valid votes cast – but only about 7% of the 51,592 total votes cast.

If the PDM wins a seat, it follows that Parti Lepep – which was awarded six seats on the basis that they won 31,123 or 60% of the total votes cast, will get two more to make eight seats as they won 88.56% of valid votes.

The National Assembly normally has nine proportionately awarded seats which – together with the 25 directly elected ones – make it a 34-seat house, but at the moment it has only 31.

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