Airtel launches widely acclaimed Nokia X1 for local clients


The X1 is a dual-Sim handset, meaning it can accommodate two Sim cards – either one or two Airtel cards, or an Airtel card and another card from another local telecommunications provider.

Speaking to Seychelles Nation yesterday morning, the Airtel marketing manager Micky Belle said Airtel was the first telecommunications company in Seychelles to bring in dual-Sim handsets.

The X1 costs only R689 and is rather affordable, considering its available options.

“The beauty of this is that one can keep his/her original phone number and can also then buy a two-pack package that we are currently offering, gift one of the cards to a loved one or anyone of his/her choice really and get to benefit from a wide range of our services and offers,” he said, adding that the two-Sim pack costs only R50.

Mr Belle said that that apart from the affordable price of the X1 it also has as one of its best features, the option of checking and answering one’s email directly from the handset, and also notification of new email through text message.

He said Airtel is making sure it has enough of this handset to meet demand and replenishing stocks well before the ones available run out.

The company also has a number of Blackberry phones available for clients, including the Bold, Curve and Torch models.
Mr Belle said the company aims to provide a variety of handsets to clients, from top of the range models such as the Blackberry to affordable, simple phones. 

“We also have Samsung Galaxy tablets, which have continuously been said to be one of the best models of tablets available on the international markets,” he said.

“We will also very soon have the latest Samsung netbooks that accommodate Sim cards, meaning our clients will be able to insert their Sim cards into their notebooks and enjoy a variety of our services such as internet and so on,” he said.

Airtel clients are also told that they can enjoy internet services the company offers due to their 3G network, which is being continuously upgraded to ensure customer satisfaction.

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