Weightlifting: Commonwealth and African Championships-Nine lifters on Commonwealth and African mission


The lifters chosen for the two competitions are Katsia Télémaque (48kg), Ruby Malvina (58kg), Rena Agricole (63kg), Janet Georges (69kg), Rick Confiance (junior 56kg), Sirous Farabeau (youth 85kg), Ian Rose (69kg), Charles Siméon (77kg) and Elvis Jeanne (105kg).

They are being accompanied by coaches McDonald Henriette and William Dixie, while Rene Youpa is the squad’s medical officer.

Seychelles Weightlifting Association chairman Robert Rose will also make the trip and will officiate at the two championships.

Mr Rose told Sports Nation he is disappointed with several work organisations that have failed to release lifters for the competition. Among the lifters not making the trip due to work commitments is outgoing Sportsman of the Year Terrence Dixie,
The team is expected back on Sunday October 16.

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